Symposium (2013)

Inaugural ICIT Symposium

New Directions in Graduate Music Programs

Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UC Irvine, CA

March 1-3, 2013

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants and support personnel for your ideas, efforts, and artistry throughout this inaugural symposium and look forward to continued contact and like-minded opportunities going forward.  Thank you very much again from the UC Irvine ICIT group, Department of Music, and the Claire Trevor School of the Arts.

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Information for Attendees

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About the Symposium

Musicians today engage in an ever-widening set of creative methodologies and cultural reference points, expanding the aesthetic models for what constitutes “art” or “concert” music. However, most graduate degree programs that train composers and performers are structured around categories that have changed little in the last fifty years, perpetuating aesthetic and cultural homogeneity in academic music fields.  There is a profound disconnect between the diverse worlds of contemporary music and the options available for graduate training.  Because graduate programs are key to the validation of fields of research, offering access to the tremendous resources that universities possess, and because they profoundly impact people’s life opportunities, it is a matter of urgency for these programs to be reevaluated in light of current realities.

New Directions in Graduate Music Programs is a symposium bringing together artists, faculty, and graduate students for a weekend of panels, talks, concerts, and presentations in order to foster new approaches towards teaching and institution-building in the areas of composition, improvisation, and technology, as well as bridging the gaps between these fields. The symposium, to be held on March 1-3 2013, and will feature keynote artists Vijay Iyer and Mari Kimura.  New Directions will be hosted by faculty and graduate students from the MFA program in Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology (ICIT) in the Music Department of UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts.