Kevin Anthony


Kevin Anthony is a composer and interactive music artist. He composes in many styles and genres, heavily emphasizing the exploration of human-machine dynamics. His works make use of custom electronic music controllers using the Arduino framework. He also takes advantage of commercial devices such as the Leap Motion, the Kinect, and Gametrak Tethers. Kevin also explores music in a virtual reality setting using Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and the Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset. The focus of his works is the amplification of humans interacting with electronic sound. His works attempt to transfer noticeable human motion and energy into electronic sound—as is found in acoustic audio production.

Kevin earned a BMA in General Music with an emphasis in Composition and Vocal Performance from Brigham Young University Idaho (2011-2015). He earned an MM in Composition from Brigham Young University Provo (2015-2017). His mentors include Steve Ricks, Christian Asplund, and Darrell Brown.