Gassmann Electronic Music Series: Onyx Ashanti


Onyx Ashanti: Adventures in Sonomorphic Design and Concept

Onyx Ashanti
Thursday April 23, 2015
Room 218, Music and Media Building, UCI
3:30 pm and 5:00 pm, Free

3:30 Workshop – Design and Interaction of Sonological Cyborg Systems in Multiple Dimensions

What would the word “cyborg” mean if it were invented today? Onyx Ashanti believes it would incorporate open-source software/hardware, including 3D printing and Arduino, and would interface intimately with our desire to interact with our Self: self guided self-investigation with sonic interfacing.

5:00 Concert – Adventures in Sonomorphic Design and Concept

The workshop will elide with the concert, with no real separation between performance and technical presentation, since the interface integrates the computing systems with the sonic (i.e., musical) systems. Both will investigate 3D printing concepts and biomechanical design, open source hardware and software integration, and kinesthetic abstaction (useable data from body movement sequencing).

Onyx Ashanti has spent the last few years consolidating a lifetime of experiences–from busking in cities around the world, playing nightclubs and raves, as a MIDI wind controllerist, to immersing himself into the present day age of self iterated design, 3d printing, online learning, and the search for and interaction with Self with a capital S. Having given 4 TED talks on the subject, as well as lecturing, busking, performing, and teaching around the world, Onyx Ashanti has made it his life’s purpose to see the human mind as the primary computing platform upon which to design “apps” of evolution and transcendence by way of a multi-dimensional process he calls sonomorphology or sonomorphosis: the creation of form from sound which begins the perceptual process of creation. A sort of cymatics for perceptual form with the cyborg idea of man-machine hybridization allowing for the use of general purpose open source computers as augmentators of the core process.