Dynamic view of bpatcher

The bptatcher object allows you to show a view of a portion of a subpatch inside the main patch.

You can change the visible portion of the bpatcher with an offset message to a thispatcher object in the bpatcher's subpatch, and you can change the size of your bpatcher with a script size message to a thispatcher object in the parent patch.

Controlling the range of a set of numbers

This patch is intended to show how to generate any desired range of numbers by some combination of the following operations: 1) generate a set of possible numbers with one of the number-generating objects shown in the example "Some objects for generating numbers", 2) optionally scale the size of the range by multiplying all the numbers by a common factor, 3) optionally offset the range by adding a certain amount to each of the numbers, 4) optionally use those numbers to look up a stored set of desire