Behringer BCF2000 emulator

This patch provides a virtual emulator of the popular Behringer BCF2000 hardware MIDI controller.

Even if you don't have a BCF2000, this patch allows you to replicate it onscreen. The patch allows you to control other MIDI devices just as if you did have the hardware controller. Use the umenu to select the port to which you want to transmit, then use the emulator patch to send MIDI control messages.

Other Attachments: 

Using table to transpose a MIDI note

Pitch transposition of MIDI notes is easy; you simply add (or subtract) some number of semitones to the pitch value. However, whenever you transpose a MIDI note-on message you have to make sure to transpose the corresponding note-off message by the same amount. Otherwise, the note will not get turned off and you'll get a "stuck" note that never ends.

Transpose and invert MIDI notes

This patch demonstrates a couple of very simple sorts of transformations that could be imposed on incoming MIDI pitch values before sending them on to a synthesizer. One is transposition, achieved by adding a certain number of semitones to the MIDI pitch value (and sending it out with the same velocity values as were in the incoming note messages).

Visualize MIDI note value using lcd

This example shows a way to visualize the pitch of a MIDI note on the x axis of a lcd object. The same thing could be done in Jitter with jit.lcd. Whenever you're trying to visualize music or sound, some decisions have to be made about how parameters from one domain (music) will be mapped to the other domain (image). In this case, we've decided to visualize pitch in terms of a circle's left-to-right position.