Max for Live

Sync MIDI Notes with Ableton

This example shows how to delay incoming midi notes by a specified note duration. In order to achieve this we are introducing a pipe object in the middle of the notein and noteout objects that can be found by default on a max for live midi device. Furthermore, we need to define pipe’s ‘delaytime’ attribute to ‘0 ticks’ and set the ‘quantize’ attribute to the desired note duration.

MIDI Input in Ableton Live

This example shows how to listen to a specific MIDI CC in Max for Live. Implementing MIDI reception for Max for Live is a little different from implementing it for straight ol’ Max. Instead of using, for example, the ctlin object, we need to use midiin, and then use midiselect to look for exactly what we want. Also, we need to make sure our plug-in is in a Live MIDI track, and that the MIDI monitoring is set to IN.

Tap Tempo for Ableton Live

Following the “Tap Tempo” example, this is a translation of that patch it into a Max for Live device that controls the Live transport (using the mouse instead of the t key). For the purpose of the example demonstration the code that would reside inside an amxd file is included here inside a Max patch, so you can just see in Max without having to load it into Live.