Jesse Green


Speaking in 3rd person is too self-aggrandizing. I have my hands in a variety of musical cookie jars. Some of my recent projects include orchestrating and arranging music for public organizations and private clients from small piano pieces to large orchestral productions which have been featured in the US and Panamá, producing pop/rock and dance tracks, and remixing 8-and 16-bit video game music. My current studies have me studying orchestral conducting under Dr. Stephen Tucker.

Although I think of myself as a “street” musician—having been largely self-taught since I was 12 years old and having horrible technique—I eventually received formal musical training after having served in the United States Marine Corps and The National Security Agency. These two approaches to music coupled with my interests in the philosophies of Ken Wilber and Victor Wooten deeply influence my aesthetic proclivities, hence the many cookie jars. My graduate project involves producing a piece for chamber orchestra that is equal bits composed and improvised, written from a rock approach, and featuring tons of metric manipulations much like my favorite bands Tool and The Mars Volta.