ICIT Concert: “Something For Your Earhole”


BODY OF SOUND Collective Presents
Something for Your Ear-Hole!
Mon. DEC 5, 7PM FREE
UCI Music and Media bldg, rm.218

…a concert event premiering the works
of UC Irvine’s new graduate music students…

Fringe Cycles, Daniel Sanchez*: Fringe Cycles will explore the relationships between the improvising musicians navigating a fixed harmonic framework, carefully detailed repetitive sections, and a real-time laptop component. Arranged for creative music ensemble, Sanchez’s music will be divided into several small cycles which can be performed in a flexible order.

My Own Silence, Jared Mattson*: Jared Mattson’s MY OWN SILENCE is a 4 movement piece for solo electric guitar exploring elements of composition, technology (numerous guitar pedals, various amplifications, tape tracks, loops, etc.) and improvisation. The piece is heavily inspired by late 1960’s jazz-fusion, soul, 1970’s art rock/ experimentalism, and 1990’s shoegaze rock. Throughout the movements Jared Mattson, the composer will perform on multiple guitars (in many cases using alternate tunings) including electric 6-string, 12-string, and double-neck guitars.

Flutter & Disturb, Jonathan Mattson*: Jonathan Mattson’s piece Flutter & Disturb is comprised of 3 movements; the first is collective structured improvisation for Flute, piano, guitar and percussion; the second movement incorporates prerecorded tape and graphical notation with group improvisation and graphical interpretation; the last movement, for piano and drum kit duo, comprises of a fully notated rhythmic score with implied pitch contour-an attempt to sever harmonic stability, and preserve rhythmic unity.

Pomegranates, Michael Matthews*: Just as the fruit contains many tight
clusters of seeds with varying sizes and shades of color, *Pomegranates* uses
varying sizes of pitch clusters with a range of tonal colors.  *Pomegranates
*has a duration of approximately ten minutes and is in two movements, the
first is entirely electronic, the second is entirely acoustic with two guitars and piano.

Estas en el Aire, Pablo Vargas*
For Cello, Choreography, and Computer