Body of Sound Collective

March 5th 8pm in Mocap room 218
at the Clare Trevor School of The Arts
on the University of California Irvine Campus

program notes

Danny Sanchez TRINITY
for Piano, Bass, and Drums
This work is named Trinity, as it borrows ideas from primarily three distinct arenas of music: jazz, chamber music, and electronics. In its design, Trinity provides the trio with a wide range of opportunities, both requiring the musicians to utilize multiple modes of thought and perform with great sensitivity.

Pablo Rubio-Vargas REMINISCENCES
for Violin, Trumpet, Saxophone, Bass, Percussion, Electronics
Reminiscences is a work based on two ideas improvisation and spectral technique. All the sound from this piece was extracted from Mexican folk music from the region of Xilitla Veracruz and then processed in order to have a new sonic work. Reminiscences is part of my personal research on timber related to geographical matters.

for Guitar, Electric Bass, Trumpet, Drums, and Synthesizer
There is one quote from Ornette Coleman driving my two pieces: “The end result of music is, you just play it.” In my first piece the only parameters are musical triggers and a notated melody. The second piece is fully notated meant to completely contrast the emotion of the previous piece. It is meant to be a visual journey through “pretty” sounds.

Jonathan Mattson APHYX
for Guitar and Drums
Meaning A-fixed, or non-fixed. The song is built on loose melodic and temporal motifs, rather then structured form and deliberate rhythms. Aphyx is extremely physical and was written with blood on the skins and sweat on the brow.

Michael Matthews CELLULAR US
for Trumpet and Electronics
“Cellular Us” explores improvisation within the context of a technology familiar and available to most people: cell phones. Prerecorded cell phone samples are triggered and processed live to create a space for a solo instrumentalist to improvise within.


Jared Mattson, Michael Matthews, Josh Ottum, Spencer Lere, Kyle Vinton, Justin Moy, Daniel Sanchez, Paul Jones, Michael Dessen, Nicolas Maldonado, Jonathan Mattson, Albert Law, Pablo Rubio-Vargas, Nathan Lewis