Anthony Caulkins

Anthony Caulkins ICIT Bio

Anthony Caulkins is an active composer and guitarist. Through his compositions, Anthony strives to create an eclectic soundscape that spans many styles and genres. Combining the sound worlds of both acoustic and electronic instruments in his compositions, Anthony invents ideas to resonate with audiences of all types. His most recent works include several works for solo instruments and live electronics, as well as a feature length film score for the documentary, Nine-Story Mountain. Anthony completed his Bachelor of Music in Composition at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he studied with Professors Stephen Dembski and Laura Schwendinger.

Along with composing, Anthony is an active performer who has played extensively in and around the Madison area, as well as Italy, Holland, and Spain. Anthony is a versatile guitarist and has many years of experience performing in solo, chamber, and orchestral contexts. His early years of performance were spent in bands of varying genres, from Rock/Metal, to Irish Folk/Pop, to Ambient, to Jazz. In the last few years, he has moved to performing primarily in chamber, classical, and jazz contexts, as well as frequent performances in pit orchestras. Anthony studied classical guitar with Professor Javier Calderon and Jazz Performance with Professors Richard Davis and Les Thimmig.