Kyle Vinton


Originally from Maryland, Kyle Vinton received an undergraduate degree in composition from Towson University in 2009. Afterwards he moved to Holland to study computer music for a year at the Institute of Sonology. Having been accepted into ICIT he returned to the States where he then survived a six day road trip out to Southern California with his parents.

Kyle is a musician who still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. At some point or another he has tried being a performer, composer, improviser, recording engineer, producer, and sonologist. For the moment he’s reworking his skill set to try his hand at songwriting.

At Sonology Kyle spent most of the year attaching sensors to his trumpet. This allowed him to control how his laptop was processing the sound of his horn during performance. While at Towson Kyle made eight channel tape music on synthesizer, wrote the scores for his senior recital with drafting pens, and improvised on laptop using a video game controller as his interface.