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Winter 2012

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January 2012
February 2012


Thursday January 12 - Sunday January 22

EyeCode, an exhibition of interactive electronic art works by GOLAN LEVIN, Beall Center for Art and Technology, through Sunday January 22, gallery hours: Sunday and Wednesday 12-5pm, Thursday-Saturday 12-8pm, Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday January 12, 6:00-9:00 pm

Chiasmus: Zones of Political and Aesthetic Imagination. Works by eleven international artists working in such diverse mediums and strategies as: theatrical intervention, installation art and video, lyrical minimalism, sculptural systems, serial abstraction and gestural painting. University Arts Gallery. Show runs Thursday January 12 - February 11, 2012. Opening Reception on Thursday, January 12, 6-9pm. Free.

Thursday January 12, 6:00-9:00 pm

KOKI TANAKA, A Piano Played by Five Pianists at Once (First Attempt), Emerging Artists Series, Room Gallery (Building 727, Room 1200). Opening reception, Thursday January 12, 6:00-9:00 pm. Free.

Friday January 13, 3:00-4:30 pm

FRIDAY INFORMATICS SEMINAR: Towards a Materiality of Information, Professor PAUL DOURISH & Assistant Professor MELISSA MAZMANIAN, Department of Informatics, Friday January 13, Talk: 3:00 pm, Refreshments: 4:00 pm, Location: 5011 Donald Bren Hall. Free.

Abstract: In this talk, we'd like to sketch some very preliminary ideas that we're beginning to develop around the materiality of digital information. Inthe humanities and social sciences, the last few years have seen a risein interest in "materiality" -- an examination of the nature and consequences of the material forms of objects of social and cultural import. There are many different things that one might mean when talking of the materiality of digital information -- everything from why iPods have a different cultural cache than Zunes (the domain of material culture) to how urban landscapes are reshaped by the material constraints of high-capacity network wiring or wireless access patterns (the domain of human geography). We will then examine more specifically the consequences of the fact that information -- which we generally talk about as if it were ineffable and abstract -- is something that we encounter only ever in material form, and that our information practices (the things we know how to do, as information scientists) are inextricably entwined with these material forms, both substrates (media) and representations (conventional patterns).

Friday January 13, 6:30 pm

Short films by GARY BEYDLER, Friday January 13, 6:30 p.m. reception in Humanities Gateway 1010, 7:00 p.m. film screening in McCormick Screening Room at the Humanities Gateway Building. Free.

The screening will feature five of Beydler's short films (three of which are currently on display at Laguna Art Museum, and two of which are on display at Orange County Museum of Art) with a total running time of 33 minutes. Following the screening, artist Benjamin Lord along with museum curators Grace Kook-Anderson (Laguna Art Museum) and Karen Moss (Orange County Museum of Art) will answer questions from the audience and talk about the significance of Beydler's films to California art.

Saturday January 14, 8:00 pm

An Evening of Spirituals sung by DARRYL TAYLOR, BRENT McMUNN pianist, Winifred Smith Hall, Saturday January 14, 8:00 pm. $16 ($11 students).

Tuesday January 17, 7:00 pm

Improvisers Summit featuring HAN BENNINK, MARY OLIVER, MARK DRESSER and MICHAEL DESSEN, a concert of improvised music, Tuesday January 17, 7:00 pm, Music and Media Building, Room 218. Free.

Wednesday January 25, 5:00 pm

Conversation on the Artistic Process, with CHRIS DOBRIAN (Music), SIMON PENNY (Studio Art), and RANDALL SMITH (Dance), Wednesday January 25, 5:00-6:15 pm, Contemporary Arts Center, Colloquium Room, reception afterward in the Conference Room. Free.

A uniquely close-up look at faculty and graduate student research in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. The focus will be on the process that leads to the creation of original work, giving a rare view inside the research practice of artists at UCI.

Saturday January 28, 8:00 pm

NICOLE MITCHELL / ANTHONY DAVIS Duo, music for flute and piano by two outstanding creative composer-improvisers, Saturday January 28, 8:00 pm, Winifred Smith Hall, $16 ($11 students).

Tuesday January 31, 3:30 pm

Professor NICOLE MITCHELL will speak about her own work as a composer in a lecture titled "A conceptual and intuitive approach to composition", part of the UCI MFA Thesis Colloquium, Tuesday January 31, 3:30 pm, Music and Media Building, Room 316, free.


Friday February 3 and Saturday February 4, 8:00 pm

KEI AKAGI and Friends, music for trumpet, piano, and bass by three renowned and virtuosic members of the UCI jazz faculty: Bobby Rodriguez, trumpet; Kei Akagi, piano; and Darek Oles, bass. Friday February 3 and Saturday February 4, 8:00 pm, Winifred Smith Hall, $16 ($11 students).

Tuesday February 7, 3:30 pm

Pianists DANIEL KOPPELMAN and RUTH NEVILLE of Furman University will perform and discuss new works for two pianos as part of the UCI MFA Thesis Colloquium, Tuesday February 7, 3:30 pm, Winifred Smith Hall, free.

Thursday February 9 - Sunday February 12

The Claire Trevor School of the Arts will host the African American Art Song Conference, Thursday-Sunday February 9-12, in Winfred Smith Hall. Performers, scholars, and lovers of African American repertoire will come from across the nation to mark the 15th Anniversary of the African American Art Song Alliance. Each day will be filled with activities, including panel discussions, paper presentations, lectures, and performances.

Friday February 10, 8:00 pm

UCI piano instructor LORNA GRIFFITT will present a solo piano recital at the Irvine Valley College Performing Arts Center, Friday February 10, 8:00 pm, $15 ($10 student).

Tuesday February 14, 3:30 pm

KEN UMEZAKI will speak about the "Dynamics of the Music Industry: The Emerging Music Business Ecosystem" in the UCI MFA Thesis Colloquium, Tuesday February 14, 3:30 pm, Contemporary Arts Center, Colloquium Room, Room 3201, free.

Wednesday February 15, 5:00 pm

"Conversations on the Artistic Process" is a series of panel discussions, this one featuring presentations by ANTOINETTE LAFARGE (professor, Studio Art), ANNIE LOUI (professor, Drama), and KEVIN ZHANG (MFA student, Music), Wednesday February 15, 5:00-6:15 pm, Contemporary Arts Center, Colloquium Room, Room 3201. Reception afterward in the CAC Conference Room (1st floor).

Thursday February 16, 4:30 pm

Professor CHRISTOPHER DOBRIAN will give a presentation about his recent research in "Gestural Sound": sonic and musical evocations of motion, ways that a computer can be programmed to recognize such "gestural" aspects of music, and the role that such cognition can play in interactive computer music performance. Thursday February 16, 4:30 pm, Winifred Smith Hall, free.

Thursday February 16, 8:00 pm

"Computer-Mediated" is a concert of new music for live performers and computers, in which the computer mediates the relationship between performer and instrument, between instrument and listener. This event of the Gassmann Electronic Music Series will include new works and performances by ICIT professors KEI AKAGI, MICHAEL DESSEN, CHRISTOPHER DOBRIAN, KOJIRO UMEZAKI, and ICIT alumnus CHRIS LAVENDER. Thursday February 16, 8:00 pm, Winifred Smith Hall, free.

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