Gassmann Electronic Music Series

Gassmann Electronic Music Series



Kei Akagi Anthony Davis

Wednesday, October 17

"Internet Pianos"

Winifred Smith Hall
University of California, Irvine
8:00 pm, Free

Internet Pianos, a concert of pianos networked via internet between UCI and UCSD, featuring UC faculty jazz piano virtuosi Kei Akagi (performing in Irvine) and Anthony Davis (performing in La Jolla), using Yamaha Disklavier pianos and interactive software by UC professors Christopher Dobrian (UCI) and Miller Puckette (UCSD) and others. This concert is presented in collaboration with the UCI Realtime Experimental Audio Laboratory (REALab), the UCSD Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), the Cal-IT2 research centers on the two campuses, and the Yamaha Corporation of America.



Densite 2001

Wednesday, October 24

"Densité 2001"

Music and Media Building, Room 220
University of California, Irvine
8:00 pm, Free

"New Music Fusion from France": an eclectic mix of new music, improvised music, and electronic music from Paris, presented by jazz clarinetist Louis Sclavis, new music flutist Cecile Daroux, and electronic musician Nicolas Verin.



Jane Rigler

Wednesday, January 23

Concert: "Another from an other"

Music and Media Building, Room 220 (Orchestra Room)
University of California, Irvine
8:00 pm, Free

A concert of contemporary music for flute and electronics by Spanish and American composers.

Intro...Two Seaming... (1998) - Jane Rigler
Entre Funèrailles (2000) - Mark Applebaum
Fugaz (2001) - Jane Rigler
Makina 5 (2000) - Josť Manuel Berenguer
Red (2001) - Jane Rigler
Vermont Counterpoint (1982) - Steve Reich

This concert is made possible with support from the UCI Music Department.



Pablo Di Liscia

Wednesday, February 13

Lecture: "Research, Production and Education in Electronic Music at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina)"

Music and Media Building, Room 316
University of California, Irvine
5:00 PM, Free and open to the public

Oscar Pablo Di Liscia is Director of the Program in Electronic Composition at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina). He is a composer, computer music researcher, and Professor of Computer Music and Electronic Composition, and is currently also a Research Associate at the Laboratorio de Producción e Investigación Musical (LIPM, Buenos Aires, Argentina). He will speak about his own musical and research work, and will describe the academic program and current research at UNQ.



Fred Frith

Wednesday, February 20

Concert: "Lore of Moments"

Winifred Smith Hall
University of California, Irvine
8:00 pm, Free

Innovative electric guitarist, composer, and improviser Fred Frith plays a solo concert of improvised music.



Graham Ashton

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Concert: "My beginning is my beginning and ending is my middle"

Winifred Smith Hall
University of California, Irvine
8:00 pm, Free

Renowned trumpeter Graham Ashton will perform a concert displaying contemporary techniques for trumpet and electronics, including works by Terry Riley, Dary John Mizelle, Larry Sitsky, Joseph Ott, and Peter Maxwell Davies.

This concert is made possible with support from the UCI Music Department.



Ichiro Fujinaga

Tuesday March 5

Lecture/Demonstration: "Computer Recognition of Orchestral Instruments"

Music and Media Building, Room 316
5:00 PM, Free and open to the public

Ichiro Fujinaga, of the Peabody Conservatory of Music Computer Music Department, has been developing the use of exemplar-based computer learning techniques to teach computers how to recognize the sound of different musical instruments. He will describes and test these techniques in an engaging and entertaining demonstration.



Wednesday, March 20

Concert: "New Computer Music Compositions"

Winifred Smith Hall, 8:00 pm, Free

Students of the UCI course in Computer Music Composition, taught by Michael Zbyszynski, present a concert of their original compositions for computers and synthesizers.



Hugh Livingston

Friday April 5

Lecture/Demonstration: "Finding the Instrument Within"

Music and Media Building, Room 216
12:00 noon, Free and open to the public

Hugh Livingston presents "Finding the Instrument Within", a lecture-demonstration on the integration of instrumental techniques with electronics. Hugh has collaborated with many composers on creating new electronic scores, and will present examples of these as well as classics from the literature such as Morton Subotnick's Axolotl for cello and digital ghost box. Particularly, he will examine the use of computer tools to "extend the extended techniques", an idea put forth by the composer Bruce Bennett. Much focus will be given to the nature of the acoustic instrument and the composer's potential for discovering new possibilities in sound.



Wednesday, May 1

Concert: "New Computer Music from Five California Universities"

Winifred Smith Hall, 8:00 pm, Free

This concert features new computer music compositions by graduate student composers from five California universities: UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford University, and the California Institute for the Arts. The concert is one stop in a five-venue exchange tour organized by Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).



Laetitia Sonami

Wednesday, May 22

Concert: "Birds without feet (cannot land)"

Winifred Smith Hall
University of California, Irvine
8:00 pm, Free

In a performance with light bulbs and live electronic sounds, Laetitia Sonami will use her lady's glove to control the filament of light bulbs in silent counterpoint to thick sonic textures of data sounds, voices, and animals.


Thursday May 23, 2002

"Music, Technology, Humanities:
A Fireside Chat with Thomas Dolby and George Lewis"

An event of the Humanitech lecture series
"What Does It Mean to be Human in a Digital Culture?"

Humanities Instruction Building, Room 100,
7:30 PM, Free and open to the public

George Lewis Thomas Dolby

Humanitech, the UCI Humanities Center, the Gassmann Electronic Music Studio, and the Beall Center for Art and Technology will host a public discussion between George Lewis, Professor of Music at UCSD and acclaimed trombonist, composer, and computer/installation artist, and Thomas Dolby, New Wave rock icon of the 80's ("She Blinded Me with Science") and founder of software music company, Beatnik, Inc. They will address such questions as "How is individual human agency enhanced or hindered by the prevalence of electronic media? To what extent does the music industry reflect on the deeper impact of its products? How has the electronic age changed/shaped the speakers' musical expression?"


The Gassmann Electronic Music Series is funded by the Gassmann Electronic Music Studio and the UCI Music Department.
The series is produced and directed by Christopher Dobrian.


Gassmann Electronic Music Series

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