Interactive Arts Programming

Spring 2009

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This page was last modified May 2, 2009.

Cycling '74, publisher of Max.

Cycling '74 User Forum for discussion of Max/MSP/Jitter.

Max 5 Help and Documentation online.

Max Objects Database of third-party objects for Max.

Christopher Dobrian's blog on algorithmic composition with sonic, musical, and visual examples in Max.

A drum sample player (programmed in Flash).

Documentary video of a remix of "Bicycle Built for Two" done with Max.

Reactable, an innovative computer music instrument with a Maxlike interface.

Demonstration video of SLABS, a music controller developed at UC Berkeley, which sends multiple streams of signal data from pressure- and location-sensitive touchpads to Max.

Andrew Benson recounts his experience using Jitter at Coachella 2009.

This page was last modified May 2, 2009.
Christopher Dobrian