Practice Room Code of Conduct

    • Practice Rooms are for use by Music majors ONLY, Music department faculty, department-approved guests, and official Department of Music activities.
  • USE
    • Students and Faculty may NOT use any Department of Music facilities for private/personal gain (i.e. paid lessons).
    • Due to pests, NO food or beverages are allowed in any room, at any time, by any person.
    • Each room is equipped with ONE music stand. If moving stands from one practice room to another, put them back when done!
    • All rooms must be kept clean and tidy. Trash bins are located in the hallway for your convenience.
    • Any damage to instruments, equipment or furniture must be reported to the Music Office immediately.  Email, include the room number and, if possible, a photo.

We appreciate your help in keeping our rooms clean & enjoyable for everyone. THANK YOU!!