Interactive Arts Programming

Music 152/215 - Winter 2015
University of California, Irvine



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This course focuses on the study of the artistic issues and programming techniques involved in the development of interactive computer music and art. It includes basic tenets of programming, study of computer-human interaction, practical exercises in programming interactive computer music and multimedia, and the conceptualization and design of a complete work of computer-mediated music and/or art.

Class will consist of lecture-demonstrations on general issues of interactive arts programming, concentrating on the Max/MSP/Jitter programming environment. Students will be expected to study Max/MSP/Jitter actively on their own outside of class sessions. Students will complete specific programming assignments every week, and will also work on an ongoing, and constantly-developing blog/website of research findings and instructional materials, and a software project of visual and/or sonic art. Music 51 or equivalent computer music experience is highly recommended.


Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00-12:20
Contemporary Arts Center, Room 3006

Professor Christopher Dobrian
Music and Media Building, Room 211
(949) 824-7288






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