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Gassmann Electronic Music Series

Lisa Mezzacappa
Lisa Mezzacappa

Gassmann Electronic Music Seies

David Cope
David Cope

New Expressions
New Expressions

Eve Egoyan
Eve Egoyan

ICIT Faculty Concert
ICIT Faculty Concert

Center for Interesting Noises
Center for Interesting Noises

ICIT Student Concert
ICIT Student Concert













FALL 2015



Friday September 25, 2015

Glorious Ravage
A panoramic, multimedia, free jazz song cycle inspired by Victorian lady adventurers
Lisa Mezzacappa, composer and director

Lisa Mezzacappa

Winifred Smith Hall, UCI
8:00 pm, Free

Composed by Lisa Mezzacappa and supported by a prestigious MAP Fund grant, the project features work by four different film and video artists and is performed by a 15-piece ensemble of virtuoso improvisers from northern and southern California.

Film, video and animation:
Janis Crystal Lipzin, Alfonso Alvarez, Kathleen Quillian, Konrad Steiner
Fay Victor, voice
Dina Maccabee, viola
Nicole Mitchell, Vinny Golia, Cory Wright, Kyle Bruckmann, winds
Darren Johnston, Michael Dessen, brass
Myra Melford, piano / John Finkbeiner, guitar
Mark Dresser, Lisa Mezzacappa, bass
Jordan Glenn, Kjell Nordeson, percussion
Tim Perkis, live electronics






Tuesday January 26 and Wednesday January 27, 2016
Lectures on Artificial Creativity
by David Cope

David Cope

Tuesday January 26, 2016
Algorithmic Composition
Music and Media Building, Room 216
11:00 am, Free

Artificial intelligence expert, prolific author, and music composer David Cope discusses modern and historical views of the systematic formalization of the compositional process.


Tuesday January 26, 2016
Computer Synthesis of Musical Creativity
Donald Bren Hall, Room 6011
3:30 pm, Free

David Cope, author of Computer Models of Musical Creativity discusses his research on the question of computer creativity. This lecture is a special event of the Informatics Speaker Series, sponsored by the Department of Informatics.

Abstract: David Cope will explain why he created his computer program Experiments in Musical Intelligence, how this program works, and how he created over 11,000 music compositions with it. The presentation will include a musical Turing test, a composed-on-the-spot computer composition, and a discussion of how computer composition challenges many on issues of creativity.


Wednesday January 27, 2016
Composing Today
Music and Media Building, Room 216
10:00 am, Free

In a composition master class, composer David Cope discusses the present and future of music composition in light of the breathtaking pace of technological changes.

Bio: David Cope is Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and teaches regularly in the annual Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music (WACM) held in June-July at UC Santa Cruz. His books on the intersection of music and computer science include Computers and Musical Style, Experiments in Musical Intelligence, The Algorithmic Composer, Virtual Music, Computer Models of Musical Creativity, and Hidden Structure; these books describe the computer program Experiments in Musical Intelligence which he created in 1981. Experiments in Musical Intelligence's works are published by Spectrum Press. They include Horizons for orchestra, three operas in the style of (and with librettos consisting of letters by) the composers Mozart, Schumann, and Mahler, a symphony and piano concerto in the style of Mozart, a symphony by Beethoven, and a seventh Brandenburg Concerto in the style of Bach. Experiments in Musical Intelligence's works are available on five Centaur Records albums (Bach by Design, Classical Music Composed by Computer, Virtual Mozart, Virtual Bach, Virtual Rachmaninoff), and several discs by Epoc Records. Works composed in his own style include ten symphonies, ten string quartets, several chamber orchestra pieces, and a host of other works, most of which have been performed around the world.





Friday February 5 and Saturday February 6, 2016

New Expressions
ICIT SYmposium:
Women in Music Technology

New Expressions

Winifred Smith Hall, UCI
8:00 pm, Free

Two concerts in the 2016 ICIT Symposium feature performances by diverse computer musicians. The concerts feature new musical expressions by women specializing in technological music.

New Expressions: Women in Music Technology is a two-day symposium that will take place in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine, on February 5-6, 2016. The aim of New Expressions is to highlight and celebrate the innovative work of today's emerging female artists in music technology, a field where women's contributions have often been vastly underrepresented.

The 2016 ICIT Symposium is funded by a DECADE diversity grant, the Gassmann Electronic Music Studio, and the UCI Music Department.

In addition to the concerts...

Saturday, February 6, 2016
"New Expressions: Women in Music Technology"
A day of presentations in the 2016 ICIT Symposium
Colloquium Room, 3021
Contemporary Arts Center
9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Free

The symposium will include keynote presentations, as well as lectures and demonstrations by diverse musicians and scholars.



Thursday March 3, 2016

Surface Tension
Eve Egoyan, piano
David Rokeby, video

Eve Egoyan  David Rokeby

Winifred Smith Hall, UCI
8:00 pm, Free

Pianist Eve Egoyan and new media artist David Rokeby present collaborative works in which image and sound are equal and integrated partners.

In addition to the concert...

Thursday, March 3, 2016
"Programming works for music and video"
A lecture by David Rokeby
Music and Media Building, Room 216
11:00 am, Free

Based on a long history of programming software involving video and interactivity, Rokeby will discuss his approach to the challenges of integrating music, video, and software.






Saturday April 23, 2016

ICIT Faculty Concert
Works by Dessen, Dobrian, Ligeti, Mitchell, and Umezaki

The ICIT Faculty

Winifred Smith Hall, UCI
8:00 pm, $15
(Seniors, Groups 10+, UCI Faculty & Staff $14
UCI Students & Children under 17 $5)

The faculty of the new PhD program in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology join together to present a concert of original compositions, both instrumental and electronic.



Friday May 13 and Saturday May 14, 2016

Center for Interesting Noises
Two concerts of multi-channel spatialized music
By UCI faculty and students

Center for Interesting Noises

Ayala Science Library, UCI
8:00 pm, Free

Extensive research into the localization and spatialization of sound, and experiments in the musical uses of multichannel digital audio, are explored through student- and faculty-designed sound installations and musical compositions, as well as works by guest artists, presented in concerts within the remarkable circular courtyard of the Ayala Science Library on the UCI campus.

These concerts are presented collaboratively by the MFA program in Sound Design in the Department of Drama and the PhD program in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology (ICIT) in the Department of Music. The events are organized and curated by Drama Professor Vincent Olivieri and Music Professor Christopher Dobrian, and are supported by a UCI Illuminations grant, the Gassmann Electronic Music Studio, and the Claire Trevor School of the Arts.

Program for Concert 1, Friday May 13, 8:00 pm, Ayala Science Library, free
Steven Leffue and Grady Kestler, Aiis, or A Theory of Harmony
George Wheeler, Interfacing Samsara
Borey Shin, noel is dealing with some nausea
Josh Simmons, Won't Clutch Fee Bye Shrill Cheat Beau Sex Drive

Program for Symposium on spatialized sound, Saturday May 14, 1:00-5:00 pm, Contemporary Arts Center, Colloquium Room 3201, free
Chanel Summers, Creating Immersive & Aesthetic Auditory Spaces in VR
Zachary Seldess, Adventures in Spatial Sound Rendering: MIAP, VBAP, Beamforming, and more
Shahrokh Yadegari, A general model for 3D spatial processing of sounds
Stuart Bowling, Dolby Atmos and the MultiChannel Cinema Experience

Program for Concert 2, Saturday May 14, 8:00 pm, Ayala Science Library, free
Vincent Olivieri, Infinitette
Christopher Dobrian, Passages (Sixes for Saxes)
Ewa Trebacz, Ligeia
Shahrokh Yadegari, Inevitable
Lei Liang, Hearing Landscapes



Friday May 27, 2016

ICIT Student Concert
New music by students of the UCI Music Department's innovative graduate program

ICIT Student Concert

Winifred Smith Hall
8:00 pm, Free

The eighth annual concert presenting original new works by MA and PhD students in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology (ICIT) in the UCI Music Department.



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