Close to the [Cutting] Edge:
New Capabilities in Multimedia Performance

A Lecture/Demonstration

Christopher Dobrian
Benjamin Israel

Wednesday, March 4, 1998, 3:30 pm
UCI Music Dept., Rehearsal Studio Room 196


Computers are being used more and more commonly in concerts and other live performances to coordinate sound, light, and other media. The computer makes it possible for these media all to be under the direct control of the performer, opening up possibilities for completely new types of performance: automated music, dancers controlling the music with their motions, musicians controlling animations, etc.

More and more of these capabilities are now available using personal computers, making it possible for anyone to design and implement his or her own computer-mediated performance.

Professor Dobrian will discuss and demonstrate the newest possibilities in multimedia performance, including several programs for realtime multimedia control: Max (music synthesis), MSP (audio processing), HyperMIDI (music and animation), and BigEye (motion evaluation).

The lecture/demonstration is intended for a general audience, and will provide a practical introduction to these new media.

This lecture is made possible by the Gassmann Electronic Music Studio and the UCI Music Department. The Gassmann Studio uses software by Opcode Systems, Inc.

For more information, phone (714) 824-7288.