Thesis Colloquium

Music 239, Winter Quarter 2009
Tuesday, 3:30-4:50 PM
Music and Media Building, Room 216
University of California, Irvine

Professor Christopher Dobrian
211 Music and Media Building
(949) 824-7288

Office hours: by appointment.

Course Description

Music 239 - Thesis Colloquium

Presentation of current research/creative activity. Second-year ICIT students present their thesis work-in-progress for discussion and criticism. Faculty and visiting artists/scholars also present their current work. Students are graded on their presentation and informed participation in critiques.

This colloquium was designed to serve two purposes: 1) to be a forum for presentation of new scholarly and creative work for information, discussion, and critique, and 2) to help second-year Master's students, particularly in ICIT, develop and refine their written Master's thesis, both by critically evaluating the work of others and by receiving critical evaluation of their own work.

Course Syllabus

Winter Quarter 2009

Week 1 - Tuesday, January 6: Introduction and Discussion:
Designing and defending a thesis

Week 2 - Tuesday, January 13: Christopher Dobrian (professor)
Computer harmonization and key recognition

Week 3 - Tuesday, January 20: Michael Dessen (professor)
Rhythmic cycles and composing for improvisers

Week 4 - Tuesday, January 27: ICIT graduate students
MFA thesis work in progress

Week 5 - Tuesday, February 3: Marc Battier (visiting musicologist/composer)
The making of Audioscan, based on the works of surrealist painter Roberto Matta

Week 6 - Wednesday, February 11, 5:00-6:20: Mari Kimura (visiting violinist/composer)
Traditional musical instruments in interactive computer music
Pre-concert lecture/demonstration, Winifred Smith Hall

Week 7 - Tuesday, February 17: Kei Akagi (professor)
Current work

Week 8 - Tuesday, February 24: John Crooks (graduate student)
MFA thesis work in progress

Week 9 - Tuesday, March 3: Tony Rasmussen (graduate student)
MFA thesis work in progress

Week 9 - Wednesday, March 4, 1:00-2:20: Anne La Berge (visiting flutist/composer)
Resonant Dendrites: a lecture/performance using text and film fragments

Week 10 - Tuesday, March 10: David Reeder / Duane Broberg (graduate students)
MFA thesis work in progress

Christopher Dobrian
January 21, 2009