Many articles, websites, and textbooks provide excellent information about mp3. Links are provided here for your research and reference. If any link is broken or becomes out of date, please contact the author.


Books and Articles Specific to MPEG:

The MP3 and Internet Audio Handbook
Bruce Fries with Marty Fries, TeamCom Books, 2000

An excellent and exhaustive resource. Has a lot of information and detail that other texts lack.

MP3: The Definitive Guide
Scot Hacker, O'Reilly and Associates, Inc., 2000

MP3 and ACC Explained
Karlheinz Brandenburg; AES 17th International Conference on High Quality Audio Coding

Books and Articles about Digital Audio:

An Introduction to Digital Audio
John Watkinson, Focal Press, 1994

The Art of Digital Audio
John Watkinson, Focal Press, 2001

MPEG Websites:

Introduction to MPEG (long)

Technical References:

ISO/IEC MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding
M. Bosi, K. Brandenburg, Sch. Quackenbush, L. Fielder, K. Akagiri, H. Fuchs, M. Deitz, J. Herre, G. Davidson, Yoshiaki Oikawa; Proceedings of the 101st AES-Convention, 1996. Preprint 4382

Overview of MPEG audio: Current and future standards for low bit-rate audio coding
K. Brandenburg and Marina Bosi; Journal of Audio Engineering Society, 45 (1/2):4-21, January/February 1997.

The ISO/MPEG-Audio Codec: A Generic Standard for Coding High Quality Digital Audio
K. Brandenburg and G. Stoll; 92nd AES-Convention, preprint 3336, Vienna, 1992.

ISO-MPEG-1 Audio: a generic standard for coding of high quality digital audio.
N. Gilchrist and Ch. Gerwin editors; Collected Papers on Digital Audio Bit-Rate Reduction, pg. 31-42, AES, 1996.

Polyphase Quadrature Filters - a New Subband Coding Technique
J.H. Rothweiler; Proceedings of the International Conference IEEE ASSp, 27.2 pp. 1280-1283, Boston 1983