Vocal Arts PRESCREEN Auditions

Prescreening applies ONLY to undergraduate VOCAL ARTS applicants, including:

  • Incoming Freshman
  • Incoming Transfer
  • Current UCI students seeking to change their major to Music or add Music as a second major



Repertoire Requirements are the SAME for both Prescreen and In-Person Auditions.

Submissions must be URL links to video with audio (we need to hear AND see you).

  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring their links work before submitting.
  • We will not troubleshoot broken links. Links we cannot access will not be considered.

Everyone gets a response! A​​​​​pplicants who pass the prescreen audition will receive an email invitation to schedule an in-person audition at the UCI campus in January. Those who do not will receive an email message explaining available options, should they wish to continue their pursuit of admission to UCI.

  • All responses for prescreened auditions will be sent out at the same time, during December 16th - 20th. 

Applicants who pass the prescreen audition and are invited to schedule an in-person audition must also complete a Voice Questionnaire. Links for self-scheduling and the questionnaire will be included in the response.

  • Applicants who pass the prescreen audition but are not able to come for in-person auditions should Submit a Recorded Audition.
  • Applicants who did NOT pass the prescreen audition should NOT submit a recorded audition. Any submissions by applicants who did not pass the prescreen will be deleted.