Submit a Recorded Audition


  • Step 1Complete the form Submit a Recorded Audition, and attach your links. 

  • Step 2:  Refer to Dates and Deadlines at UCI Admissions for final admission decisions, timelines, and more.

Submit a Recorded Audition

DEADLINE: January 15th


Who should submit a Recorded Audition?

  • Vocal Arts applicants who have passed the PRESCREEN audition, but are unable to come to campus for the in-person audition.
  • ANY OTHER APPLICANT (for ANY OTHER instrument we offer) who CANNOT audition in person.

Can I submit a Recorded Audition if I have an in-person audition appoinment?

  • NO. Only applicants who cannot attend in-person auditions should submit a recorded audition.
  • When all audition appointments have been filled, all remaining applicants must submit a recorded audition. 

I'm not sure if the URL link for my video is working. Can you help?

  • Unfortunately, we are NOT able to troubleshoot URL links.
  • Applicants are responsible for making sure links are correct.
  • Auditions submitted with broken links WILL NOT BE HEARD. 


Applicants who are able to attend in-person auditions can schedule their appointment here