Undergraduate Degrees

The Department of Music offers the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA) and Bachelor of Music (BMus).  We do not offer a minor program, though performance opportunities are available to all UCI students.


Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA) — the standard program, to which everyone is initially admitted—enables students to study music history, music theory, composition, or performance within a curriculum that is flexible enough to allow a second major, study abroad, and other curricular options.

  • All applicants must apply to the BA program and demonstrate appropriate vocal or instrumental proficiency, as determined by the results of the Department's required entrance audition.
  • Students who are offered admission to the BA program become eligible to audition for the BMus program at the end of their sophomore year.


Bachelor of Music in Performance (BMus) — an option available to advanced continuing students on the basis of an audition that is typically taken during the Winter Quarter of the second year—offers highly qualified students the opportunity to specialize in piano performance, vocal performance, performance in the standard orchestral instruments, jazz performance, or guitar and lute performance.

  • Transfer applicants who perform at a sufficiently high level in the entrance audition, have the requisite background in music theory and musicianship, and wish to earn the BMus rather than BA degree, will be offered the opportunity to change their degree objective upon matriculation.


More information about the department, majors and graduate requirements, and courses, is available at General Catalogue – Department of Music.


Why a degree in Music from UCI

Both our degrees provide a secure foundation in the academic and applied study of music. After graduating, many music majors go on to earn masters and doctoral degrees in performance, musicology, or composition, while others immediately pursue careers as professional musicians and teachers. At the same time, other music majors use their music degrees as a more general educational qualification, continuing on to graduate study and careers in diverse fields.


Given the wide range of transferable skills developed in the undergraduate music major curriculum, music majors are highly desired by law schools, medical schools, and business schools among many others. Employers and graduate schools understand that being a successful music major requires perseverance, discipline and self-direction, as well as excellent collaboration and teamwork skills. Music majors at UCI also learn to write and think creatively, and to present themselves well in public. With a degree in Music from UC Irvine, students will find that many career paths lie before them.


Information for Applicants

  • Laboratory Fees

Please note that in order to cover the extra costs generated by private lesson instruction, the Claire Trevor School of the Arts charges a laboratory fee for students enrolled in such courses.

  • Music Department Scholarships

All students who are offered admission as Music majors are automatically considered, as appropriate, for one of the Department’s limited number of undergraduate scholarships. There is no separate application to be submitted and no need for applicants to take any special measures to ensure consideration for a scholarship. 

  • How to Apply

Please view our information at Undergraduate Applicants.


Contact Us


  • Undergraduate Advisor

For questions about our curriculum and/or degree requirements, please contact Professor Colleen Reardon.


  • Faculty Instructor

For specific questions about instrumental lessons, or questions about audition repertoire requirements, please contact the appropriate faculty instructor directly.


  • Music Department Office

For all other questions, please email music@uci.edu.