Undergraduate Applicants

We admit new undergraduate students only during Fall Quarter.  Auditions are required for all applicants, including those choosing Music as an alternate or secondary major.  Auditions are held once a year during Winter Quarter (for admission the following Fall Quarter). 

For information about auditions, including repertoire requirements, the current schedule and how to request an appointment, view Auditions.


BA vs. BMus Programs

All successful undergraduate applicants are admitted to the BA program, and become eligible to audition for the BMus program at the end of their sophomore year. 

Transfer applicants who want to earn a BMus degree must perform at a sufficiently high level in the entrance audition, and meet the requisite background in both Music Theory and Musicianship.  These applicants may change their degree objective from BA to BMus upon matriculation.

For more information, view Undergraduate Degrees.


Contact Us

  • Undergraduate Advisor
  • Faculty Instructor
    • For specific questions about instrumental lessons, or questions about audition repertoire requriements, please contact the appropriate faculty instructor directly.
  • Music Department Office