Instrument/Equipment Loan

Instruments and equipment owned by the Department of Music and the Realtime Experimental Audio Laboratory (REALab), within the Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA), may be available for temporary loan to faculty, staff, students or affiliates only under the following conditions:

  • Instrument/Equipment Loan form – Required
  • Approvals – ALL Borrowers
    • Approval from the faculty who oversees the use of the instrument/equipment required.If no particular faculty member is tasked with oversight, approval from those most relevant to the instrument/equipment type required.Music Office staff will obtain this approval after submission of the request form.
    • If faculty cannot be reached or do not respond to requests within a reasonable amount of time, approval will be sought from the Department Chair or designee.
    • Disputes – All disputes will be referred to the Department Chair or designee for arbitration.
  • Additional Approvals – Students ONLY
    • Students must obtain written approval from a Faculty Sponsor, who will verify the academic purpose of the request.
    • Faculty Sponsors are typically the instructor of the relevant class or advisor/supervisor of the relevant academic research or creative project.
  • Care & Maintenance of Instruments/Equipment
    • Normal care and maintenance, including cleaning, is the responsibility of the borrower during the loan period.
    • Borrowers will not be held liable for wear or damage due to normal use or unavoidable accident.
    • Borrowers will be held liable for damage demonstrably caused by carelessness or negligence.
  • Written Approvals
    • Written approvals from sponsoring and approving faculty may be submitted to Music Office staff via email.

All instruments and equipment are intended to support the academic research, school-related creative activity, and class-related studies of the faculty, staff and students of the Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA).  They are not generally available for use by non-affiliates of the School or for non-School-related activities.

  • Music Office Staff
    • For the purposes of Instrument/Equipment Loans, Music Office staff includes the Department Manager, Department Analyst, Production Manager for Music, or Music Technology Support Manager.
    • Any of these individuals may accept the Instrument/Equipment Loan form and obtain approvals from faculty, as appropriate.
  • Approving/Relevant Faculty Include
    • Conductor, Symphony Orchestra
    • Conductor, Jazz Orchestra
    • Conductor, Wind Ensemble
    • Classical Percussion Faculty
    • Jazz & Jazz Drum Set Faculty
    • Violin Faculty (all string instrument requests)
    • Director, Gassmann Electronic Music Studio
    • Department Chair