What electronic/computer music facilities are available?

There are many computer music facilities within the Music Department, each with a different function. The Gassmann Electronic Music Studio serves as a conventional computer music production studio. The Realtime Experimental Audio Laboratory (REALab) is a highly reconfigurable workshop and rehearsal space for developing research and new works in spatialized audio, computer-mediated performance, and telematic performance. An adjacent rehearsal and performance space is equipped with a high quality sound system, video projection, computer-controllable lighting, and installed audio/video documentation capability. The Beall Center for Art and Technology is a major installation facility for new media work. The Sound Design Studio (familiarly known as the “PhattBoxx”) is an outstanding post-production and teaching studio designed by sound design professor (and ICIT affiliate) Michael Hooker. The Classic Lab for Analog Sound Synthesis (CLASSic Studio) houses classic analog synthesizers from the late ’60s to the late ’80s, combined with digital control and recording capabilities. The Arts Media Center has a music listening facility, computer music workstations with software such as Protools, Sibelius, Digital Performer, Max, etc., as well as recording equipment for checkout. The new Contemporary Arts Center houses a Music Recording Studio, the Meyer Sound Design Studios, and a fully-equipped Experimental Media Performance Laboratory (xMPL).

See this document for more details.