Alex Lough

Alex Lough is a composer, performer, and multimedia sound artist. His work focuses on implementing [...]

Mark Micchelli

Mark Micchelli’s music blurs the line between composition and improvisation, “high” and “low”, the [...]

Forest Muther

Forest Muther (B.M. Berklee College, M.M.E. Boston Univerity, Ph.D. in progress, U.C. Irvine) is a composer, [...]

Borey Shin

Improviser, composer and sound artist Borey Shin makes music inspired by a diverse range of artistic [...]

Josh Simmons

Josh Simmons is an electronic musician and multimedia artist. Josh’s works are an immersive experience [...]

George Wheeler

George Gomez-Wheeler is a composer and performer of acoustic and electronic music.   His work combines [...]