Max is a graphical programming environment on the Macintosh computer platform, specially designed for programming interactive MIDI applications and control of other external devices such as CD and laser disc players. Max was created by Miller Puckette, and has been further developed by David Zicarelli. Max for Macintosh is published by Cycling '74.

The technical documentation for Opcode's Max, written by Christopher Dobrian, consists of three volumes: Getting Started With Max, the Max Reference Manual, and the Max Manual Addendum, including the Max Tutorial, a 45-chapter progressive course in Max programming with example programs on disk for each chapter.

David Zicarelli has recently created an important extension to the Max environment: MSP, Max signal processing objects for audio on PowerPC. MSP is based on the Pd software by Miller Puckette, and is published by Cycling '74 and l'Institut de Recherche et Coördination Acoustique-Musique (IRCAM).

The technical documentation for MSP is written by Christopher Dobrian, and includes the MSP Tutorial, a 29-chapter progressive course in MSP programming with example programs on disk for each chapter.