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Music 230

Time Structure in Music
[and other time-based art forms]

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"Karlheinz Stockhausen's New Morphology of Musical Time" (1991) A paper by Christopher K. Koenigsberg. Written at Mills College for a seminar on 20th-century theories of musical time. Discusses Stockhausen's article " time passes..." and related topics. Contains a good bibliography.


"Rhythm and Meter in Tonal Music: A Bibliography and Glossary" (1996) A wiki-bibliography begun as a collective project by members of the graduate music theory seminar "Rhythm and Meter in Tonal Music" in the School of Music at Indiana University.


"Understanding Musical Time Sense" (.pdf) (1997) An article by P Tagg of the Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool.


"The Phenomenology of Internal Time-Consciousness" (1990) A web article by  David L. Thompson on the theories of Edmund Husserl.


"Experimental Design in Psychoacoustic Research" (1999) An article by Daniel J. Levitin on the design of cognitive experiments in sound and music.


"Reacting" (1970) Article by Vinko Globokar on the use of improvisation in composed music.


"Karlheinz Stockhausen's Kontakte and Narrativity" (1999) An article by John Dack pointing to musicological discourses on moment form and narrativity.


"Facilitating the Performance of Polytempo Music" (2001) A web article by John Greschak on approaches to coordinating music containing multiple simultaneous tempi. The same author has also compiled "Polytempo Music: An Annotated Bibliography".



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