Chamber Ensembles (Contemporary)

Music 176E

Course Syllabus

Wednesday, 1:00-2:50
Music and Media Building, Room 216

Professor Christopher Dobrian
Phone: (949) 824-7288, Email:
Office hours: by appointment

Teaching assistant: James Scully
Phone: (949) 387-7451, Email:
Office hours: by appointment, mornings

The ensemble is anticipated to be:

Class sessions will be devoted to instruction on the use of music technology (microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers, effects processors, synthesizers, alternative MIDI controllers, lighting, video, etc.), lessons in composition of works for unconventional instrumentations, approaches to improvisation, and development of skills in chamber music interaction with others, especially when electronics are involved.

Because there is little or no established repertoire for this type of ensemble, each member of the class will be responsible for creating/organizing/rehearsing/presenting at least one new work for instrument(s) and electronics.

The class will perform its works in a public concert during finals week June 11-15 (precise date and time to be determined) in the Winifred Smith Concert Hall. This concert, and the resulting recording, constitutes the "final exam" for the course.

The group, or specific subsets of the group, will rehearse one time each week in addition to the scheduled class time. Each individual will be required to devote private practice time to development of abilities and skills performing with electronics and computers.

Perfect attendance is absolutely essential for the success of a chamber ensemble. Absences will result in a lowered or failing grade.

Grading will be based on attendance at class sessions and rehearsals, preparation of assignments (practice and composition), and performance in rehearsals and concert.

Students are encouraged to collaborate with students of Music 152 (Interactive Arts Programming) and/or students of Dance 193 (Motion Capture).

Christopher Dobrian
April 4, 2001