Program note for Mannam


Interproviplaytion VI: Mannam (Encounter) (2003)
for daegum and interactive computer system


Mannam is the sixth composition in a series of works for flute and computer titled Interproviplaytions. The computer has been programmed to capture the expressive information from the live daegum performance; the program uses pitch, loudness, and timbre data to shape the computer's sound synthesis and realtime processing. It modifies the sound of the daegum in real time, stores and reconfigures excerpts of the played music, and provides harmonic accompaniment in "intelligent" response to the daegum notes. The daegeum music is composed in idiomatic style, and leaves the performer considerable opportunity for rubato, ornamentation, and even occasional reordering of phrases, in order to respond to the computer's performance, which is different every time the piece is played.