Music 51
Music Technology and Computers

University of California, Irvine


Antheil, George. Ballet mécanique, 1924.

Barron, Louis and Bebe. Main title music from Forbidden Planet, 1956.

Beatles, The. Revolution 9, 1968.

Beyonce. Naughty Girl, 2004.

Cage, John. Williams Mix, 1952.

Chung, Huijae. MultiTempi 21, 2006.

Davis, Miles. Chocolate Chip, 1991.

Eustache, Pedro. Veni, Emmanuel, 2004.

Moroder, Georgio. Chase (from Midnight Express), 1978.

Hancock, Herbie. This Is Rob Swift, 2001.

Kraftwerk. The Robots, 1978.

Lansky, Paul. Smalltalk, 1990.

Lee, Jung Hyun. AriAri, 2002.

Linkin Park. Crawling, 2000.

Moroder, Georgio. Chase (from Midnight Express), 1978.

Newton, James. African Cyborg, 1997.

Prince. Undisputed (with Chuck D), 1999.

Public Enemy. Fight the Power, 1989.

Reynolds, Roger. The Vanity of Words, 1986.

Schaeffer, Pierre. Etude aux chemins de fer, 1948.

Sonami, Laetitia. Story Road, 1992.

Stockhausen, Karlheinz. Studie II, 1954.

Summers, Donna. I Feel Love, 1977.

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich. Valse sentimentale as performed on theremin by Clara Rockmore.

Varèse, Edgard. Ionisation, 1930. Available from UCI computers in the The Naxos Music Library.

Varèse, Edgard. Poème électronique, 1958.

Who, The. Baba O'Riley, 1971.

More listenings will be posted here as they are assigned.

A good collection of classical music recordings is available online from computers on the UCI local area network -- or from remote computers if you're logged on with a UCI ID via VPN software -- in The Naxos Music Library.

November 23, 2007
Christopher Dobrian