Web Resources for Information on Interactive Arts Programming

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Software and manuals

Interactive computer music programming environment for Macintosh computers by Cycling '74. At this site you can download demonstration a version of Max/MSP and the accompanying documentation. The manual for MSP ("MSP2.pdf") contains tutorials on basic concepts of sound synthesis and processing, and demonstrates their implementation in MSP. The "Max 4 / MSP 2 Software Development Kit" (further down the page) provides documentation and examples for coding your own Max/MSP objects in C.

Online Tutorials

Peter Elsea's Max Tutorials
A large collection of well-written tutorials explaining specific topics in Max and MSP, by Peter Elsea of the University of California, Santa Cruz. For purposes of this class, note especially his tutorial on filters (MSPfilters.pdf).

Algorithms and code

Flash and Shockwave in a web page
A demonstration of how to implement Flash and Shockwave in a web browser, including a Lingo/Director program that allows the user to modify an input parameter to a "strange attractor" chaos algorithm with a graphic representation.

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