Student Pages

Computer Audio: Musical Applications of Digital Signal Processing
Music 147 / ICS 180 / ECE 195 / Music 215 / ACE 277

University of California, Irvine
Winter Quarter 2005

Each student in this class will have a web page on which to share all personal research work done for the class.

Asuncion, Arthur
Bachoua, John
Chiang, Mark
Chien, William
Cox, Emily
Dobrian, Christopher (professor)
Ghassemi, Marco
Johnson, Eric
Kabish, Eric
Lau, Perlin
Lee, Harold
Lindsey, Daniel
Locanas, Joleen
Mendoza, Ray
Morimoto, Yu
Myracks, Justin
Paholio, Rod
Paterson, Claire
Peng, Tsaocheng
Pramono, Henry
Sun, Jian
Tang, Qing
Tse, Danny
Yang, Jason

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Christopher Dobrian