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Computer Audio: Musical Applications of Digital Signal Processing
Music 147 / ICS 180 / ECE 195 / Music 215 / ACE 277

University of California, Irvine
Winter Quarter 2005

January 5: Introduction. Definitions of sound, music, and noise. How digital audio works.

January 10: Basic audio hardware and software. Basics of writing an audio program.

January 12: I/O streams, buffers, callback functions, audio file formats, PortAudio.

January 19: Low level tone generation, wavetable synthesis. Introduction to Max/MSP.

January 24: Basics of Max and MSP. Control functions and audio functions.

January 26: Audio software examples. Topics for future research.

January 31: ACE grad student So Yamaoka demonstrates his thesis research in visualizing audio. Examples of pro audio software.

February 2: More demonstrations of pro audio software. Research project proposals.

February 7: The MIDI protocol, MIDI files, mapping MIDI to synthesis and effects.

February 9: Sound spatialization, intensity panning, distance cues, distance-based delay.

February 14: Digital filters.

February 16: Digital filters (cont.). Sampling.

February 21: Presidents Day Holiday. Class will not meet.

February 23: Waveshaping synthesis. Dynamics processing.

February 28: Intermediate research presentations.

March 2: Approaches to research and self-education. Amplitude tracking and gating.

March 7: Fourier analysis; introduction to spectral processing.

March 9: Windowing/granular techniques. DSP as composition.

March 14: Interactive/performative uses of DSP.

March 16: Review.

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