Student Pages

Computer Audio: Musical Applications of Digital Signal Processing
Music 147 / ICS 180 / ECE 195 / ACE 277

University of California, Irvine
Winter Quarter 2004

Each student in this class will have a web page on which to share all personal research work done for the class.

Aghajanian, Matthew
Araiza, Jorge
Basilio, Christian
Bihi, Faisal
Chew, Daniel
Cho, Sangwon
Dai, XinCheng
Dinh, Anthony
Dobrian, Christopher (professor)
Frostenson, Sky
Haghighat, Amir
Herbez, Adrian
Lai, Eric
Lawson, Linda
Lee, Eun Suk
Lee, Tsung-Hua
Lin, Brent
Liu, Kelvin
Lo, Jonathan
Moua, Yeng
Schoelerman, Ryan
Sueng, Josephine
Vu, Chris
Watson, Margaret
Yamaoka, So
Zuniga, Omar

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Christopher Dobrian