Upcoming Class Sessions

Computer Audio: Musical Applications of Digital Signal Processing
Music 147 / ICS 180 / ECE 198

University of California, Irvine
Winter Quarter 2002

January 24: Look at some student-designed instruments, discuss recording and playing back audio files in MSP, discuss sampling and other basic uses of pre-recorded audio.

January 29: Delay and filtering

January 31: Fourier transforms and spectral domain processing

February 5: Spatialization and reverberation.

**February 7: Chris out of town. Gianluca leads class on preparing MSP projects and presentations.

*February 12: Guest speaker, Pablo Di Liscia, on spatialization

February 14: Realtime MIDI control of MSP.

February 19, 21, and 26: Students do 10-minute presentations on their own projects.

February 28: C-programming of computer audio, interface issues, programming Max/MSP objects.

*March 5: Guest speaker, Ichiro Fujinaga.

**March 7: Chris out of town. Gianluca leads class on programming MSP objects in C.

March 12: Troubleshoot student C projects, discuss issues in object design and DSP algorithms. Review for final exam. Rough draft of papers due.

March 14: Practical "final exam" on basics of audio DSP.

March 19: (Finals week; final exam session) 5-minute presentation of final project. Final copy of papers due.

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Christopher Dobrian