Music 147
Digital Music Production

University of California, Irvine





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Tokyo School of Music

FreeSound, a site for free sound files (requires registration to download files)

Unicornation, a discussion forum for Mark of the Unicorn -related topics (requires registration)

"Audio Editing Essentials in DP 5" by Robin Bigwood

"Audio Editing Secrets in Digital Performer 5" by Robin Bigwood

"Using Automation in Digital Performer 4.5" by Robin Bigwood

Soundcraft Glossary of Mixing Terminology (PDF document)

Soundcraft Guide to Mixing (PDF document)

Microphone Techniques for Live Sound Reinforcement (PDF file), a Shure Educational Publication.

MP3 Learning Object, a tutorial on MPEG I Layer 3 by Nathaniel Tull Phillips.

More links will be posted as the term progresses.

July 26, 2008
Christopher Dobrian