Student Pages

Computer Audio and Music Programming
Music 147 / CompSci 180 / EECS 195 / ACE 277

University of California, Irvine
Winter Quarter 2007

Each student in this class will have a web page on which to share all personal research work done for the class.

Baker, Alex
Chan, Wilson
Curtis, Mike
de Alba Solis, Addiel
Dobrian, Christopher (professor)
Finch, Owen
Jahanshahi, Jafar
Kamdar, Rocky
Keng, Alan
Lai, Jonathan
Mann, Colin
Moore, Tyler
Morales, Esteban
Ng, Weng
Olguin, Aaron
Saetang, Katharine
Shigemoto, Gary
Stark, Brandon
Starr, Rachael
Tien, En-kuang
Tran, Anthony
Velasco, Richard
Wu, Eric
Yampolsky, Steven

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Christopher Dobrian