Web Resources for Information on Audio DSP and Computer Music

Online texts and information

Software and manuals

Interactive computer music programming environment for Mac OS (9/X) and Windows XP computers by Cycling '74. At this site you can download demonstration a version of Max/MSP and the accompanying documentation. The reference manual and tutorials for MSP ("MSP45ReferenceManual.pdf" and "MSP45TutorialsAndTopics.pdf") contain complete description of the audio objects and tutorials on basic concepts of sound synthesis and processing, and demonstrates their implementation in MSP. The ""Max/MSP Software Development Kit (SDK)" and "Max/MSP SDK for Windows"" provide documentation and examples for coding your own Max/MSP objects in C.

Max-like computer music programming environment (by Miller Puckette, the creator of Max) for Windows, Irix, and Lunix computers. Includes the program, open source code, and HTML documentation. The site also contains information on how to write your own external Pd objects in C. An additional tutorial on writing Pd externals has been written by Johannes M. Zmölnig.

Open-source audio I/O library for writing realtime audio programs in C that will compile and run on many platforms.

Online Tutorials and Textbooks

Digital Audio
Article explaining the basics of how computers deal with audio information, by Christopher Dobrian, UC Irvine.

JOS On-line Publications
Online texts on audio applications of digital signal processing by Professor Julius O. Smith of Stanford University.

Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music
Online draft of a book-in-progress by Professor Miller Puckette (creator of Max and Pd) of UC San Diego.

S.O.S. Mathematics
Online tutorials and review material for a wide variety of topics in basic mathematics.

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
A complete introductory DSP textbook online(!) by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D. Very easy to read, covers most of the topics needed to understand the basics of digital audio filtering and frequency-domain transformations, and has a chapter specifically devoted to audio applications.

DSP Dimension
Tutorial texts on theory and application of the Fourier transform and phase vocoder implementation, and a throrough discussion of methods for pitch and time scaling using the DFT, on a collection of informative web pages by Stephan Bernsee.

Peter Elsea's Technical Writings
A collection of well-written technical articles and tutorials explaining various specific topics in electronic and computer music, by Peter Elsea of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Peter Elsea's Max Tutorials
A collection of well-written tutorials explaining various specific topics in Max and MSP, by Peter Elsea of the University of California, Santa Cruz. For purposes of this class, note especially his tutorial on filters (MSPfilters.pdf).

Cycling '74's MaxMSP Tutorial Resources
Links to additional third-party tutorials on the use of MaxMSP.

Cycling '74's Phase Vocoder Tutorial
An article on how to implement a phase vocoder program in MaxMSP by Richard Dudas and Cort Lippe.

Max/MSP Externals Tutorial (v.2.5)
An excellent tutorial, in the form of a PDF document, on writing external objects in C for the Max/MSP computer music environment, by Ichiro Fujinaga of McGill University, Montreal.

How to write an External for puredata
Tutorial on writing external objects in C for the Pd ("puredata") computer music environment, by Johannes M. Zmölnig.

Algorithms and source code

Max Objects (maxobjects.com)
Collection of "third-party" external objects and patches for Max/MSP/Jitter.

Music-DSP Source Code Archive
Collection of source code by various authors for a wide variety of audio signal processing functions.

Trond Lossius's Max/MSP Downloads
A collection of Max and MSP objects with source code.

Digital Filters

Interactive Digital Filter Design
Interactive filter design program, with source code, by Tony Fisher, York University.

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