Student Pages

Computer Audio and Music Programming
Music 147 / ICS 180 / ECE 195 / Music 215 / ACE 277

University of California, Irvine
Winter Quarter 2006

Each student in this class will have a web page on which to share all personal research work done for the class.

Campbell, Robert
Chan, Sunny
Chen, Ting-Jung (Mike)
Chen, Travis
Chung, Huijae
Dahlin, Andrew
Dobrian, Christopher (professor)
Dunn, Mike
Elliott, Gregory
Fetter, Davis
Huisenfeldt, Aaron
Jiang, Shan
Joy, James
McCoy, David
Monajemi, Pooya
Ngo, Phillip
Nguyen, Michael
Nguyen, Phuong
Quiambao, Chris
Reschan, Joe
Sun, Yicun (Ethan)
Sung, Shao-Yu
Teeter, Matthew
Tsonis, Frank

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Christopher Dobrian